On the OCP stage, we will have the Yamaha CFX concert piano, kindly provided by Yamaha. An extraordinary instrument, which represents the exponent of the CF series, rich by its wide palette of tonal colors and and the ability to create the subtlest musical expression. With almost three meters (nine-foot), its profound tonal beauty brings a passionate powerful bass and a sound rich yet clear in all registers. A refined sound capable of standing out in front of an orchestra and grasping every element of the public, in the largest concert halls in the world.

+info: https://oeirasconcursopiano.com/yamaha-cfx/

While pianos look the same on the outside, the differences on the inside can be huge. Do you know the improvements and benefits of new Yamaha pianos?

If you want to know the latest innovations visit:
Silent Piano: https://youtu.be/KVZHpMRMDaE
AvantGrand Piano: https://youtu.be/ONgduf02lSw

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