1 – General Conditions:

1.1 – The Oeiras Piano Competition (OPC) is an initiative of the CulturXis Association organized in partnership with the Oeiras City Council.

1.2 – The event will take place between the 23rd and 25th of June, at the Ruy de Carvalho Auditorium, in Carnaxide, Oeiras Municipality, Portugal.

1.3 – The OCP is open to pianists of all nationalities, up to 32 years old (as in December 31st of 2022).

1.4 – The Single Round categories will be in presential format. Categories D and E will take place in a mixed format: the eliminatory round in online format (the recordings will be publicly disclosed and transmitted in alphabetical order, within the category to which they compete) and the final in a presential format.

1.5 – Competitors wishing to register in a category higher than the respective age group may do so as long as this participation is authorized by the competition organization.

1.6 – The application presupposes the acceptance of the conditions, rules and program stipulated in the current regulation as well as the respective fulfillment of the Registration Requirements.

1.7 – Registration in the competition implies the authorization of audiovisual rights, without compensation being claimed by competitors or guardians, for marketing purposes (website and social networks).

2 – Registration Requirements

2.1 – All applications must be submitted online at, by filling in the registration form, and attaching the following documents: a photograph, a compiled PDF document of the scores to be presented in the Competition and the registration’s fee receipt.

2.2 – The audiovisual recording of the eliminatory rounds for Category D and E must be submitted until May 31st (23h59), with the name and category of the participant, by WeTransfer.

2.3 – Entries will be considered valid only for applications that present, within the expected dates, all the elements requested, in the registration form, and upon payment of the registration fee, carried out by bank transfer to IBAN: PT50.0036.0058. 99100193547.33 | BIC / SWIFT: MPIOPTPL | Account name: CULTURXIS.

2.4 – The organizing committee will close the registration as soon as the maximum logistic capacity is reached. In this case, applicants will be promptly notified and refunded.

2.5 – The registration fee for early birds – until April 30th – is €20. In the 2nd phase – between the 1st of May and the 11th of June (for general admissions / deadline for categories D and E is 31st of May) – the tuition fee will be €45.

2.6 – The application fee is non-refundable.

2.7 – The transmission schedule of the eliminatory round of categories D and E will be announced on June 2nd, taking place on June 3rd. On June 4th, the list of finalists will be announced on the website and on the Facebook/Instagram page of the competition.

3 – Other Notes

3.1 – The repertoire presented must be performed without repetition and, preferably, from memory. Programs cannot be changed after May 31st (for D and E Categories) and June 11th (for the remaining categories).

3.2 – A quality and uninterrupted (single take) recording, indicated in categories D and E, can be performed at home, in the classroom or auditorium. In the video, made without cuts or edits, the competitor’s right profile should be visible, including pedal articulation.

3.3 – At the presencial rounds, regarding D and E Categories Finals, works performed in the virtual rounds cannot be repeated.

3.4 – The Jury reserves the right not to award prizes or to award honorable mentions. In case of tie, monetary prize will be divided, in equal parts, by the number of winners.

3.5 – When a participant in the competition is a student of one of the members of the jury, he / she will abstain from any evaluation of the same.

3.6 – Any decision by the jury is unapplealable and irreversible.

3.7 – In the unlikely event that a partner/sponsor defaults in relation to the promotion of an award/recital, the organization cannot be held responsible.

3.8 – Between the virtual and printed rules, the information present in the former prevails.

3.9 – Omitted cases will be resolved by the competition organization.

3.10 – In case of doubts or misinterpretation, the original version (Portuguese) prevails.

4 – Results

4.1 – The results of the Eliminatory (virtual) round of D and E categories, will be announced on the contest website and on the Facebook/Instagram page, after the end of both categories.

4.2 – The results of the single round categories (A, B and C) will be announced, predictably, at the end of each category, followed by prize diplomas.

4.3 – The results of the final round of D and E categories will be announced on the contest website and on the Facebook/Instagram page, after the end of both categories.

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